February 27, 2013

Think About It…….                                                                                    February 27, 2013

Must every tragedy nationally or worldwide bring out a multitude of ill rational knee jerk reactions?

We can all agree that tragedies like in the Aurora Colorado Movie Theatre, Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, and now, a crazy ex-cop in Southern Los Angeles are nothing more than senseless acts by individuals who are hell bent on carrying out their “plans.”  But does this mean that it’s time to rush regulation regulations to feel better, or make the masses feel “safe” when they go to sleep?

You could go as draconian as you could in Washington D.C. and outlaw everything from handguns to “assault” rifles but that simply won’t eradicate our world from mass shooting. Limiting the capacity of gun magazines will assuredly curb the want to inflict as much trauma as possible. But then you’d have to also limit how many smaller capacity magazines someone can possess, but cause if those who are already planning to commit such mass crime, won’t be stopped by putting two-less bullets in a magazine, they’ll just buy another.

So then if that doesn’t work, why not just do the opposite? After all, as James Madison said in the Federalist Papers, “Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” Let’s arm the citizenry to the hilt, to prevent violence. But, no matter what John Q. Sociopath would still act out on their violent dream, and simple logic, and by simple logic I mean the increased statistical odds,  could argue that more injuries or causalities could happen, with increased cross fire to prevent mass shootings.

There are groups out there, advocating for increased mental health practices to screen and treat those who could carry out such events, like that would help,  no matter how much training, or how many frames a therapist has on their wall, people who don’t want help from a therapist won’t get help from a therapist. They’ll only hear what they want to hear anyway.  Bottom line, therapy and mental health can only help those who want to get help, which also will not prevent mass shooting tragedy.

You could keep violence out of video games and movies, but what will that do? Will denying someone a copy of “Call of Duty” change society, or treat issues like narcissism or sociopathic thoughts? If you say yes, let me tell you about some ocean front property in Arizona. “Call of Duty” has sold at least 100 million copies worldwide, but is still dwarfed by the 446+ million copies of the Mario series, so that same logic would provide that there is a rush of people who want to become career plumbers. Truth is, people who want to inflict pain, hurt, or revenge on people will do just that, no matter how many hurdles you put in front of them.

This is a time, not only in Washington, but in Juneau, Soldotna, Kenai, and communities across the nation for leaders to step up to the plate, and actually lead, instead of react. These knee jerk ideas are nothing more than that, a short term fix to make an emotional statement, rather than to take the time and hard work to make a society that doesn’t value extremism on either side. However, that ship has already left the dock. How we as a society right the course….


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