There are still a number of people on our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly

Posted: July 21, 2010 at 11:37 am

Think About It…….                                                                                                                July 21, 2010


There are still a number of people on our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly who would like to get rid of our elected Borough Mayor and have the Assembly hire a Borough Manager to run the day to day operation of our Borough government, with the Assembly in complete control. . This is in spite of the fact that, not too long ago, the change to a manager type of government was placed on the ballot by the Assembly and Peninsula Borough voters turned down the idea.


The Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly has found out this year how hard it is to hire an honest and forth-right manager who will always have the best interests of the Borough at heart.  Right now, after firing their manager, they are advertising all across the nation for a new manager who would be willing to serve for about six months until October when new members of the Assembly will be elected.


Many voters in the Mat-Su Borough are now wishing they could return to their former “strong elected Borough Mayor” type of government, and with good reason.


Here on our Kenai Peninsula we have always had an elected Borough Mayor.  A Mayor chosen by Borough voters from throughout the entire Borough, whose work ethic, honesty and political stance is well known.  A Borough Mayor, elected by voters from all across our Borough, who answers directly to the voters every four years. The system has worked well for our Borough because of its automatic check and balance system.


Our elected Borough Mayor either makes all his decisions and recommendations knowing that they must win Assembly approval or they fail.  If the Assembly passes an Ordinance or Resolution it must be approved by the Mayor or it will fail.  Our elected Borough Mayor is always under the scrutiny of the electorate and if his behavior or performance does not meet with the approval of his constituents we will “run him off” at the end of his term we “run him off” and elect another person from among us who will. It’s our tax-paying voters who decide, in the voting booth, if their Mayor “sinks or swims”.


On the other hand, our Borough Assembly of nine men and women, are elected from nine different districts.  Only three of them face voters each election, and it is harder for voters to remove “bad apples” on the Assembly who favor a  manager who may not be doing his job.  


Those Assemblymen, right now on the Assembly, who advocate a Borough Manager form of government for our Borough, are simply hungry for, want more power for the Assembly.  The power to dictate to their Borough Manager just how Borough government will be operated with no check and balance from a Mayor elected borough-wide by Peninsula voters.


Keeping our present Borough Mayor form of government with a Mayor elected area-wide,  and  an Assembly made up of our friends and neighbors in nine districts, keeping an eye on each other, is a check and balance system that has served us well in the past and should NOT be changed.


Think About It!     JCD    7-14-10

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6 Comments to “There are still a number of people on our Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly”

  • Marcia Kardatzke says:

    Excellent post John…I agree.

  • krb says:

    i dont understand why we arent allowed to change them all out each election….we stand a much better chance of getting some fresh blood with completely fresh ideas…..that is if we insist on re-inventing the wheel instead of improving and upholding what we already have….government modern-day is a mess and will continue to implode on itself as long as we let it……we(the voters/taxpayers) can say NO,,,,but most arent willing to make the sacrafices that go along with the preservation of a truely healthy society…have a great day all

  • J.R. says:

    This is a good editorial. Why NEUTER our Mayor? This is a continuation of the same negative corporatism that has engulfed much of the rest of the country. It is the same mentality which seeks to sell OUR hospital. It is blatent move to empower/enrich the few at the expense and disenfranchisement of the many. It would be a real shame if the voters of the borough allowed this to happen.

  • Cody says:

    “Follow the Money” is probably the most true statement of correlation to reality I’ve ever heard. Whenever something does not pass the common sense test, start looking at who will benefit by the change. I thought we did hire a manager at the voting booth so now he gets his chance and it’s the Assembly Member’s job to help guide him NOT control him. We need to live with the voters decision until next time, not pay someone else and their staff to do what a few want. This really is not that difficult, oh I forgot, some folks are not getting what they want and chances are that some have a little less jingle in their pocket.

  • Edward says:

    Why reinvent the wheel when the system we have in place works well. If the mayor is not doing the job, vote in a new one. A manager has the power untill the ASSEMBLY, not the voters remove him ( or her) then we have to go through the hiring process all over again at the tax payers expense.

    Leave well enough alone.

  • Thanks, you got it right here