Thefts In Kenai Down From Last Year Despite Concerns

With the use of Facebook and social media, thefts around Kenai certainly appear to be more prominent than previous years.


We spoke with Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl who had a surprising response.



Sandahl: “Residents of the Central Peninsula have been focused on some of the property crimes and vehicle thefts and I did pull some numbers yesterday. Thefts in general are significantly down from Jan 1st to Aug 27th compared to last year.”


With that, Officer Sandahl did have some words of advice to keep yourself from falling victim of a theft.



Sandahl: “Even though our numbers have dropped a little bit, we still live in an area here where you need to secure valuable items, you need to lock your vehicle, you need to lock your house even if you’re home, whatever time of day its a good idea to lock your house and lock your cars and keep valuables out of sight of¬†thieves.”


Officer Sandahl reported official numbers of thefts, not including vehicles, at 219 for 2012 and 169 for 2013 through the months of Jan 1st though Aug 27th.

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