The Way Cafe Considering Location, Mobile Options

We’ve previously been reporting that The Way Cafe in Kenai has closed its doors but Al Weeks, Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Kenai, said that may be temporary…


Weeks: “We’ve seen that the need for helping the homeless and feeding those that don’t have as much money as they need to to be able to make it has not gone away. One of the problems that we’ve identified is that the location where our facility is at, in the center of town, is a distance away from a variety of the people that we used to serve.”


Weeks said they’ve been discussing some possible solutions…


Weeks: “We’re looking at different ways that we can still meet that same need, and if that means finding out where the majority of those people that used to live in the Merit Inn are living at now and moving to a better location, or maybe even having a mobile location. We’re sort of talking about a lot of different ideas. We don’t want to stop the ministry, but it’s not working the way that we’re doing it.”


Weeks said that in the meantime, volunteers led by Yvonne Meek have still been distributing food to those who need it most.

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