The Underground Gives Back to Homeless Youth

Krista Schooley says she knows first hand what it’s like to be young and homeless on the Kenai Peninsula…


Schooley: “Well, I actually was born and raised here. My family’s been here since the 1950’s, been here for quite a while. Unhealthy family growing up, trying to find myself in the world and it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted it.”


On this morning’s edition of KSRM’s Sound Off, Krista spoke of abuse and pregnancies she experienced as a teen. She said her family has been instrumental in her recovery, and they’ve been able to heal together.


Now, it’s time to give back. She’s been reaching out to the surprising number of homeless youth in the area through a group called The Underground. While she’d never turn anyone away, Schooley said there’s one place she hopes teens can find help first…


Schooley: “I stand firm that it starts in the family. You know, I’m thinking about my grandparents, and then my parents and then me. There was always some generational thing that went from one family to another, and it was handed down to me. And so, that’s what needs to change is how we view life. How we view family.”


The Underground has recently received a generous, anonymous donation, which Schooley said was greatly appreciated. If you’d like to be involved with The Underground, or learn more, you can contact Schooley on 252-2081, or find them on Facebook.

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