Testing Continues at Arness Septage Site

Testing is continuing tomorrow at a septage site in Nikiski owned by the Arness family.


Joe Arness is overseeing the process and said engineers would be taking water samples from a second well, which has been drilled in the center of where the waste was dumped by MAR Enterprises. The first well was drilled two decades ago, and revealed minute amounts of contamination, which weren’t deemed a threat to the public.


Arness said soil samples have also been taken. Results are expected within the next month.


The DEC is requiring this additional testing since concerns have been raised once again about potential contamination from the site.


If significant levels of contamination are found in this second well, Arness said a third would likely be drilled (at a cost of around $15,000) to determine the direction the ground water is flowing. Arness said the testing is being done at the family’s expense, without state assistance.

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