Test Tsunami Warning Wednesday

On Wednesday morning, a tsunami test will be broadcast on local radio stations at 9:45am. The Alaska Broadcasters Assocation is advising that this warning will only be a test. If there is an actual weather emergency, or any slight earthquake activity, the test will be cancelled.


According to the official notice, the audio message will CLEARLY state it is a test.  They say audiences listening to radio should have no problem distinguishing that this is a test.


The test will also be broadcast to television audiences, with the same test script as radio; however, the ABA is warning that the text alert at the bottom of the screen will say, “A tsunami warning has been issued for the state of Alaska”.  They say viewers with the sound down could interpret this as the real thing.


To help avoid any confusion, they have asked local radio stations to add graphics to indicate that the notice is just a test, and not related to any real event.


Once again, this test will run on Wednesday, March 27th at approximately 9:45 AM.

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