Ten Confirmed Dead in Soldotna Airport Crash

Posted: July 7, 2013 at 5:38 pm

The investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board has confirmed that a total of  10 people were killed in a plane crash this morning at the Soldotna Airport.

Clint Johnson, chief of the NTSB Office in Anchorage, said a de Havilland Otter was departing with nine passengers and one pilot.

The KSRM News Department has learned that the plane was operated by  Rediske Air out of Nikiski, and reportedly being flown by Willy Rediske of Nikiski.

This morning, at roughly 11:20am, the Soldotna Police Department received a report of a plane crash at the Soldotna Airport located down Funny River road. Crews with the Soldotna Police Department, Fire and Medic personnel with CES and the Alaska State Troopers responded.

The fixed-wing aircraft was located fully engulfed at the airport and the flames were put out by CES. There were no survivors located.

First responders are attempting to remove the remains of the people that were on board as well as to identify the victims and notify family members.

The NTSB is planning to investigate this crash.


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5 Comments to “Ten Confirmed Dead in Soldotna Airport Crash”

  • Maria Pedro says:

    God be with the families. So sad.

  • Frank says:

    Our prayers go out to all the families. What a loss.

  • Jody & Kendall King, Texas says:

    Condolences to all family members and friends of the victims in this accident. Tragic accident and a great loss to the community.

  • Linda says:

    May God, bless them and keep them, as they crossed to their “forever” journey. My prayers are with the families and friends, during this horrific time.

  • Steve says:

    7/9/13 I drove to the SXQ Soldotna AirPort yesterday. Think of it this way. This Aircraft is the size of a School Bus & the ONLY remaining piece of this AirCraft that is still intact is the Tail Section & something covered by a brown tarp. The Grass & Weeds at this location are waist & knee deep & conseal the Burned Remains of this AirCraft. No Fuselage, No Wings, No Engine except the Tail Section can be seen from Funny River Road & outside of the security fence.From a AirCraft the size of a School Bus to a Aircraft that can be hidden by tall grass & weeds. That sends a aweful chill down your spine & it really Hits Home what those Passengers & the pilot endured. God Rest Their Souls SPW Soldotna