Temperatures to Drop, Expect Slick Surfaces

A dramatic change in local weather is expected Thursday, transitioning into below average temperatures across the peninsula.


The National Weather Service says the recent melt will likely freeze this weekend as a low moves into the gulf tomorrow, bringing cooler, drier air.


Snow is likely in coastal regions on Thursday, with a “more substantial surge of precipitation” on Friday.


With the changing road conditions, the Red Cross urges drivers to be prepared with an emergency car kit…


Michell Daku with the American Red Cross…


Daku: “The following items would absolutely be necessary in everybody’s car: flares, warm sleeping bag, boots (if you don’t wear them every day), mittens, caps, you would like to have some form of food in case you are stuck in your car for more than 24 hours, so something that doesn’t require cooking – beef jerky, granola bars. Definitely water. Water does freeze when it’s cold and left in overnight; however you can use it and melt it down in your mouth like a Popsicle, so it’s absolutely important to stay hydrated if you are stuck overnight in your car.”

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