Teen Center Pilot Project Officially Secures Their Space

Last night the committee that has put together a pilot project for a Soldotna Teen Center secured their current space in the old Radio Shack space.


With key in hand we spoke with the head of the Soldotna Teen Center Pilot Project, Sen. Peter Micciche.


Micciche: “*clank* It is the sound of the key to the Teen Center so we’re committed, we’ve got a few processes going on in parallel, we’ve got the design team Ms. Bos from SoHi is working with kids from Skyview and SoHi on designing the space, we’re ordering pool tables, ping pong tables, computers, instruction equipment for the computer room and that sort of thing.”


Sen. Micciche last night also appointed some student representatives to help with the deconstruction of the new Teen Center as well as helping with getting sponsorship funds from local organizations and businesses.


We asked them what their plans were moving forward as well as what benefits they see in having a Teen Center in Soldotna.


Teen Center Student Representatives: “So far what we’ve been planning on is deconstruction on one wall and then some student reps to help get some of the jobs for other people that are going to sponsor this.”

“It could let kids express themselves in many ways like it could let them do what they want to do and they don’t just have to go hang around town anymore.”

“It will help bring kids together probably and it will help kids keep entertained when they’re just hanging out in the streets they’re not as entertained, and it will help keep them warm when its cold outside in the winter.”


The Teen Center is hoping to be up and functioning before Christmas.

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