Teachers Waiting for Answer on Salary Proposal

Posted: February 21, 2012 at 4:25 pm



The Kenai Peninsula Education Association and the Kenai Peninsula Education Support Association are awaiting an answer from the School District on its proposed salary agreement.  KPEA President LaDawn Druce says they don’t want a raise beyond the cost of living.



As for healthcare changes, the School District is predicting $1,600 per employee per month for health insurance.  The KPEA and KPESA are asking the School District to pay 90 percent of the cost.  This is a three-year proposal, with the salary piece to the proposal having to be calculated each year.  Druce says the School District has until Wednesday to answer this proposal.  If they do not accept it; then, the union goes back to the original proposal;  and, the negotiations continue.  She said, if that happens, then an agreement would take some time.




Druce says the mediator works with both sides to bridge the gap between the two groups.

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6 Comments to “Teachers Waiting for Answer on Salary Proposal”

  • homeowner says:

    Salary should be based on teachers performance and the ability to get there teaching skills across to the students.Teachers that can accomplish a classroom of 4.0 students should be paid much more than the teacher that lets the students be on there phones and text and also on ipods playing games in the classroom and ends up with a classroom of C and D students..

  • Parent of proud students says:

    I just want to say the homeowner that made the statement about teachers with”classroom of 4.0 students should be paid much more” DREAM ON SUCKER!. No wonder you are just a homeowner. I know for a fact all teachers must and need to be paid to the max. They earned it. I know for a fact, students, they need to show more respect towards their teacher. Maybe this is start. Parents, teach your children on showing more respect to their teachers. OR maybe you, your self need to take good parenting class and teach your child how to show respect. Teachers are awesome. Students playing games and getting a C and D, in class should not have any variance on the teachers income. Thank you. I’m the Father.

  • slopeworker says:

    The home owner is correct.Teachers should be paid on the ablity to do there job.If you can not get good grades from your students then you fail and should be paid less…..If you do a good job on the slope you get paid from $50,000 to $250,000 a year…….29 years on the slope so my statement is correct.

  • master jedi says:

    To the proud parent. That is sad to see someone make a belittling comment on owning a home.Home owners are the back bone of this country and pay property taxes which pay for part of teachers salarys.
    I would bet that home owner has a nicer home than you!!!!!

  • Take the toys away form the children at the start of the school day. Return them at the end of the school day so that those who need to communicate electronically can do so at that time. Test and grade the teachers. These are the folks tasked with educating the children. If they are competant, they deserve to be paid a fair wage for the nine months that they are expected to work. Their health care and retirement packages should be similar to the majority of the workforce. If they don’t test well, send them away and find replacements that can and will do the job.

  • Chrissy says:

    REALLY??? Sad to hear you say Homeowner and Slopeworker that teachers should be paid by how their students make their grades!! If you are a parent who is in the classroom then you SHOULD be saying TEACHERS do not get paid ENOUGH for what they do!!! Maybe you should spend every day in the school or HOW about after school and see what goes on. You can see first hand at how many EXTRA hours these teachers work FOR NO extra money to make sure our children are are getting what they need for the next days. It is not only our teachers duty to teach our children during the day BUT it is our duties as parents to continue when they get home OR maybe on the weekends. If children that have LESS than 4.0 MAYBE they should shut the T.V off and stop playing video games IS THIS the teachers fault? Teachers can not help how EVERY student has a different learning style and to fault the schools and the teachers for that is wrong. I am an ACTIVE WORKING parent who continues to work with my children if they are struggling in a certain areas DO YOU? I seek help where needed and I DON’T blame my kids teachers SOUNDS like both of you do?? Just wondering do you have children who struggle OR do you blame the schools and their teachers for their struggles? You should appreciate that your childrens teachers will ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS help your children succeed!!! TEACHERS NEED A BIG PAY INCREASE!!!