Tax Webcam Open to the Public at Kenai Library

If you’re having an issue with your taxes, whether it’s an unpaid debt or a tough question on your return, the Kenai Community Library has a direct connection to the IRS open to the public.


From the Library, you can chat online with the IRS advocates in Anchorage like Kristia Douts…


Douts: “Our system is very complex and we want to be available to help. This is a new tool and with new communication devices this is a really good thing to do.”


Douts said they are IRS employees, but by law they are independent, serving the interest of the public…


Douts: “Typical situation if the taxpayer is in a financial hardship and they need this year’s refund, like the 2013 refund. And they have a lot of taxes owing for the past year but they have been unemployed, their rent’s due. They would want to call us immediately because that’s considered an economic hardship. And what taxpayer advocant can do is we can intercede on their behalf to try to make sure that they get their refund and not have it offset to another office or something to that effect.”


The webcam is available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9am to 1pm. You can also call the Anchorage office on (907) 271-6877.

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