Task Force Specifically About Set Netters

Tom Kluberton, Co-Chair of the Kenai River Late Run King Salmon Management Plan Task Force, said this Friday’s meeting will be in a town hall format, but the topics will be specifically about East Side Set Netters.


Kluberton: “We’re going to run the meeting in a town hall fashion. We don’t know how many people to expect or how far we’re going to go. What we don’t  want to do is pretend this is a Board of Fish meeting and invite public comment where people think they’re going to come and speak about anything in the world and make it onto the record for some reason. we have a little bit of time, four or five meetings to figure out some fairly important stuff about specific fisheries, so if time permits everybody’ll get a chance to talk, it depends on how many folks show up.”



The meeting will be held at Kenai Peninsula College this Friday in the Ward Building, starting at 9am.

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