Task Force Member Continuing to Question Moose Pass Meeting

Posted: March 27, 2013 at 7:58 am

As we reported, the borough administration’s anadromous stream task force is continuing their town hall meeting process. The task force will hold one more scheduled town hall meeting in the Moose Pass area, however, task force member Fred Braun is continuing to question hold such a meeting in that area of the Kenai Peninsula…


Braun: “You know, that was mentioned that the next meeting will be in Moose Pass. Moose Pass defiantly is  still on, and at this point, I don’t really see the worthiness of having it there but regardless, I will attend. Don’t believe there will be that good of turn out, with so many of the Seward folks not really being affected, and the Cooper Landing people, so many of those are, of course a lot of them are seasonal people who aren’t here in the winter, so we’ll see what happens.”


Braun has been vocal with support for having such a town hall in the Sterling area. We also discussed the next step in the process…


Braun: “We’ll complete the town hall meetings, I am still pushing, and hopefully we will have one in Sterling. I believe that’s a very important area to have contact with. Regardless, after the last of the town hall meetings, there will be another final, if not more than one, could be very well be two or three more task force meetings before those recommendations go to the assembly.”

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6 Comments to “Task Force Member Continuing to Question Moose Pass Meeting”

  • Joe says:

    What a waste of eveyone’s valuable time. The current ordinance is just what we need to protect the valuable salmon habitat.

    Where do I sign the Inletkeeper petition?

  • Ed says:

    State & Federal Agencies have experts and enforcement NO NEED FOR THE BOROUGH to get involved!!!

  • Joe says:

    Ed, can you please name the agencies that protect the valuable streamside habitat above the water line? I wish there were federal agencies that protected this salmon habitat. We desperately need more federal protection from resource developers and destroyers here in Alaska.

  • Tim says:

    Ed is right we State & Federal experts and enforcement so there is no need for the borough to be involved. Joe is wrong we do not need more Federal protection from resource developers in the State of Alaska. My question to Joe have you ever filed for any type of permit to do any resource development project?

  • Robert says:

    No we don’t need more State or Federal oversite. We do need reasonable local involvement. Folks can go on and on about agencies, but I know for a fact that there is no other entity regulates uplands adjacent to the salmon streams. This is strictly up to the local govt. And yes, I have pulled dozens of development permits from agencies and I know what you can get away with if you want to.

  • Joe says:

    Ed & Tim are WRONG. There are no agencies to regulate the areas adjacent to important salmon streams.
    Yes Tim, I have filed permits for resource development and it was a very easy procedure. After all, the joke about the Kenai River Center is that the Department of Natural Resource personnel have never seen a project they didn’t like. So it is a very easy process to get a project approved and the Feds will even pay for much of the develpoment. Can’t beat that with a stick!

    We need more federal oversight. I like their $$$$.