Take Care With Plowing Driveways

With a deep snowfall last night, local homeowners are reminded that plowing snow from private property into local roads and ditches and right of ways is illegal.


The Kenai Peninsula Borough says this creates an obstruction hazard and sight problems for the traveling public and snow removal equipment.


As snow berms pile up,  parents are reminded to keep children out of the piles along roadways.


Greg Wilkinson with the State Dept. Health…


Wilkinson: “Kids want to make forts inside them or such, and then if that snow-clearing machine comes down the street, it’s just really important that kids understand that the snow piles can be real dangerous if the machine comes along top clear them, so we just want to keep kids away from the snow berms.”


However, Wilkinson said it’s still important to get kids outside and physically active for around 60 minutes a day…


Wilkinson: “We usually, what we see is kids are kind of resistant at first, but once you get them all dressed up and you get them out the door, they forget all about that and they have a blast.”

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