Swanson River Leak Confirmed: Not Oil

Some residents were concerned that a pipe rupture last Friday was spewing oil into the Swanson River area. Hilcorp’s Lori Nelson confirmed there was a leak, but it wasn’t oil.


Nelson: “We had what’s called a waste-water flow line that experienced a malfunction or a burst, I guess if you will. It’s a high-pressure line that carries produced water to a nearby injection well. A contract supervisor that was on an equipment move noticed the line leak in progress and we immediately notified CISPRI and the proper authorities. Within minutes, the line was isolated and controlled. We worked with CISPRI ont he cleanup plan, as well as BLM and Fish and Wildlife.”


Nelson said they’re still waiting on the necessary equipment to repair the line, but production was not affected, and since the area is covered in snow, it was relatively easy to identify the affected area.

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