Testimony on King Salmon Issues Moved Up

Roland Maw of UCIDA said a chance phone call last week revealed the Board of Fish is holding public testimony on King Salmon issues at the beginning of their statewide meetings, though Mr. Maw said that during the formation of the King Salmon Task Force, they were told it would be at the end…


Maw: “And that’s caused several problems, because we have a number of our members, and that’s just not drifters, but a lot of set netters and a lot of industry people, had planned on being there at the end of the statewide meeting to deal with the King issue, and so people had made plans, airline tickets had already been bought, and now a lot of people are going to miss that meeting, simply because of the way the Board has reorganized this meeting.”


Maw called the move a “bait and switch” and made it impossible for local residents to attend both the Board of Fish and Board of Game meetings, as the Board of Fish beginning proceedings tomorrow at the same time the Board of Game is closing their final meeting.


Maw: “So I’m going to show up about the middle of the meeting and I’ll miss public testimony, so I will not have a chance to hear what goes on. Probably have to listen to the tapes and away we go. I think the Board of [Fish], because of that procedural issue has put themselves in a real mess and they’ve put the public in a real mess and I think they’ve put the whole business of how to manage these Kings at risk.”


However, we called the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Anchorage; they insisted public testimony was always scheduled for the beginning.


For an overview of Proposal 249, relating to the King Salmon Task Force, click here.


To view the Board’s tentative schedule, click here.

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