Supporters Fill the Soldotna Council Chambers After Librarian was Fired

It was standing room only during last night’s meeting of the Soldotna City Council, as droves of people came out to show their support after it was learned that Soldotna City Librarian Terri Burdick was terminated this Monday morning after working for the library for 28-years. Jeanette Pedginski is a board member of the Friends of the Soldotna Library..


Pedginski: “To me it feels like the heart and soul of the library has been ripped out. It will never be the same again. Library Directors are available out there for hire with degrees. You can’t get a library degree in Alaska when you’re living here. You have to do it by correspondence, people don’t look well on correspondence degrees, or you have to leave the state. Not all of us have that opportunity, even if we have the desire, to leave the state and get a Masters Degree in Library Science. I worked for Terri for two-years, and I’ve lived here for almost six-years. She was a wonderful, wonderful supervisor when she was my supervisor.”


Following numerous members of the public testifying to the council in support of Burdick, she took the podium to address the council. Burdick acknowledged the support that many members of the Ctiy Council has had for the library


Burdick: “What I don’t understand is Mr. Dixson. He’s never talked to me, he’s barely talks to me, I can count on my fingers the conversations that we’ve had. I wish he would have told me if I was failing in some place that he wanted me to work harder. I know we’ve had a few issues come up that we’ve talked about, and I said I’m trying my hardest, and I feel that I’ve tried my hardest with the whole community. And from what I’m hearing, I’ve succeeded somewhat.”


Soldotna City Manager Mark Dixson said that he was at peace with the decision that was made, however, he apologized for the process that he was instructed to follow and issued no further comment on the human resources issue.

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