Sunlight Gain Reaching Peak

With recent sunny afternoons, it’s clear Alaska is reaching the peak sunlight gain. Michael Lawson with the National Weather Service explained the spring equinox is just a week away…


Lawson: “That would be the point in the spring and the fall when the tilt of the earth isn’t tilted either away or towards the sun, so every location, regardless of latitude is going to be receiving close to the exact amount of day and night.”


Lawson said at present the Kenai area is seeing around 11hr and 30 minutes of sunlight.


Lawson: “We’re definitely turning towards the longer side of things, that’s for sure. As far as peak gain per day of minutes, we’re sitting at about 5 minutes and 44 seconds now, which is definitely the upper end of things. Doesn’t seem like a whole lot when you think about it, 5 minutes, but it adds up pretty quickly. It’s about an hour in 10 or 11 days.”

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