Sturman Announces He Will Not Run for Borough Mayor

Fred Sturman appeared on Friday, June 13, Soundoff with Tom Randall to make his announcement as to whether or not he would run for Borough Mayor.



Sturman said that he very much appreciated the support of the people who voted and worked for him and encouraged voters to look at Tom Bearup as a mayoral candidate.


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  1. Bill and Samon Arnold 13 June, 2014, 19:35

    Good for Fred. He should have been Borough mayor and he has given everything he has as a “consummate” activist over decades in Alaska

    Bill and Samon

  2. john 13 June, 2014, 21:15

    To his credit, Fred ran before, and for better or worse, Sturman couldn’t be elected then and he more than likely can’t win now.

    Fred encouraging voters to look at Tom Bearup is fine advice, as long as all they do is look at him. You wouldn’t want to vote for him, that wouldn’t be prudent. Fred being the budding politician that he wants to be, might be wishing to claim plausible deniability when he says to ‘look’ at Bearup. He pointedly didn’t say to go vote for him.

    Bearup certainly isn’t going to be a viable candidate with all the past troubles he brings. Makes one wonder if Fred is aware of all of Bearup’s baggage. Maybe he’s not. Maybe Fred isn’t all that careful and he’s not aware what he’s suggesting. Or maybe Fred isn’t as responsible as he should be and he’s actually suggesting we go with the guy who has such a problematic past.

    Just for starters there’s the investigations into Bearup’s misconduct while he was a henchman for a sheriff, or his financial misdeeds while employed by the government, then there’s the bankruptcy issues, and just to close without the list getting too long, his previous attempts to evade and avoid election laws. There’s more but that’s enough to demonstrate what comprises that baggage following Tom Bearup.

    That’s too much baggage for any three or four people let alone just one, and way too much baggage for hoping to be elected to public office.

    As to electing people who think God told them to run, we’ve made that mistake before. I’m pretty sure my God didn’t and wouldn’t tell some of these people to run, my God isn’t that irresponsible.

    Formulating public policy has too big an impact on people’s lives to trust it to anyone who comes along and says ‘elect me’. You want to take a close look before you vote. You want to make, or you should want to make a responsible decision when you vote.

    If you were buying a car, you’d kick the tires a little, see if or how many crashes there were or weren’t. Check that it wasn’t out of alignment, that it didn’t have a bad case of the shakes and shimmies. The prudent thing would be to do that before you plunked down the dough.

    We need public servants who don’t bring a bunch of suspect baggage with them, we need people who we can trust, not those who have proven untrustworthy in the past. We need people who abide by and respect the rule of law, not those who have attempted to evade and avoid it and who think the law only applies to the other guy.

    We don’t need to elect people that move back and forth between different states as the need arises because they’ve left a trail of questions behind each time they move.

    So, yeah, look at Tom Bearup, and then vote for someone else.

    The local media, I’m talking to you KSRM, should do a profile on Bearup. A public vetting is in order. That used to be the responsibility of the media. Someone at KSRM must either remember that or they heard it in school. Journalistic ethic, you know.

    Now’s the chance, fulfill that responsibility you have to your listeners and vet the candidates for local public office. Your listeners deserve to know what they’re being sold.

  3. john 20 June, 2014, 21:11

    Still waiting for KSRM to vet local candidates for public office.

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