Students to Join Simulated Space Mission

25 local students will be participating in a simulated space mission, thanks to a $25,000 grant from Tesoro.


Chantelle Rose with the Kenai Challenger Learning Center said this is the 7th year of funding from the oil company…


Rose: “We have a space simulator and a mission control here at CLCA and students become team members and astronauts on a mission to Mars or to the moon, or even rendezvousing with a comet, and over the course of the two and a half hour mission, they are engaged in team building, they solve problems, they have emergencies that come up that they have to work together to solve and it’s all based around science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.” 


Rose said the funding helps 5th and 6th graders across the peninsula…


Rose: “It will benefit 25 local classrooms from here on the peninsula. An average classroom has 28 to 32 students in it. This is the 7th year, so we’re looking at upwards of 5,500 students that have been impacted over the course of the time Tesoro has been sponsoring these missions.”

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