Students To Compete In SST Competition

The bi-annual Speed, Strength and Training competition will be contested on Thursday, March 27th at 6:00 p.m. at Nikiski High School.  The spring competition includes weight training events: clean, snatch, squat and a speed and agility drill.

Nikiski, Skyview and Kenai Central schools all provide the SST curriculum, Speed Strength and Training.  Students must be enrolled in the class that teaches the proper techniques in the clean, snatch and squat lifting events, and also focuses on speed and agility training. The speed and agility portion of the SST competition is competed in the fall semester.


Kenai Central High School won the SST traveling trophy on Oct. 30, 2013 in the competition held at Skyview High School.

The events were the 40-yard dash, the shuttle run, vertical jump, standing broad jump and “Running Fight Gone Bad.”  In the last event,  athletes completed 20 air squats, then ran down and back twice in the gym. The winners are determined by who completes the most in 10 minutes.

Fall event winners included:

40-yard dash — 11-12 boys: Tim Duke, Sky, 4.53 seconds (new record); 11-12 girls — Heidi Perkins, Ken, 5.35; 9-10 boys — Josh Jackman, Ken, 4.77; 9-10 girls — Arianne Parish, Nik, 5.19 (new record).

Shuttle run — 11-12 boys — Mike Olson, Nik, 4.15 seconds (new record); 11-12 girls — Heather Tolliver, Sky, Rachel Thompson, Nik, 4.69 (new record); 9-10 boys — Hunter Holloway, Nik, 4.26 (new record); 9-10 girls — Molly Tomsuden, Nik, 4.68 (new record tie).

Standing broad jump — 11-12 boys — Justice Uhls, Nik, 9 feet, 6 inches (new record); 11-12 girls — Kiana Harding, Ken, 7-5 (new record); 9-10 boys — Michael Tilly, Ken, 9-2 (new record); 9-10 girls — Julieann Wilson, Ken, 7-7 (new record).

Vertical leap — 11-12 boys — Garrett Feller, Nik, 33 inches (new record); 11-12 girls — Cat Schoessler, Sky, 27 (new record); 9-10 boys — Michael Tilly, Ken, 31 (new record); 9-10 girls — Alli Steinbeck, Ken, 23 (new record).

Running Fight Gone Bad — 11-12 boys — Austin Craig, Sky, 13 full sets plus 2 air squats (new record); 11-12 girls — Bev Schindler, Ken, 11-15; 9-10 boys — Dennis Anderson, Nik, 12-20; 9-10 girls — Julieann Wilson, Ken, 11 (new record tie).

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