Students Excited For Lemonade Day

According to the calendar for the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce, May 11 is Lemonade Day; however, if you ask 3rd Grader Briar Reaktenwalt, it’s the start of his future…


Reaktenwalt: “I will be selling Lemonade Shake-Ups at Sportsman’s Warehouse, May 11, I work from 11 to 3, and I also sell cookies, 2 cookies for $1. What really Lemonade Day is about is teach kids how to run a business.”


Reaktenwalt was familiar with all the costs involved in running his lemonade stand, and has been negotiating with Sportsman’s Warehouse as to whether he’ll be set up inside or outside. While he doesn’t see himself as a future businessman, Briar said Lemonade Day is important…


Reaktenwalt: “Well, I’m not going to run a business,  I’m going to be a wildlife biologist. Maybe I have to know my money skills in order to buy stuff.”

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