Students Reminded About Road Safety, After School Opportunities

With a noticeable change in the number of daylight hours, Dr. Steve Atwater, Superintendent of the local school district, said students are being reminded about road safety…


Dr. Atwater: “Weather seems to be changing. No longer summer, we’re headed into winter. With that in mind, I really want to encourage the parents of all of our children to think in terms of the clothing that they wear when they travel to school or wait for buses. It’s getting dark and it won’t get light again for a while, so we really appreciate thinking about reflective clothing and anything that would alert drivers and make sure that people are seen.”


Atwater also had a reminder for High School students about some opportunities coming up…


Dr. Atwater: “We have these after school academies, which are chances for our students to learn welding, learn about the medical field, that kind of thing. So, we have an ETT academy coming up, a personal care attending and welding and construction academy. So, if you’re interested, the student should contact a school counselor. It’s a great chance to be introduced to various careers that way.”

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