Student Housing Opening Today at KPC

Kenai Peninsula College is entering into a new stage at the Kenai River Campus in Soldotna as the much awaited new Residence Life Halls will open this afternoon. Leslie Byrd has traveled all the way from Oklahoma to help build the program as Residence Life Coordinator…


Byrd: “Living in a Residence Hall, number one: definitely develops the students. That’s one of the reasons why I’m in this field. It really puts you front and center from watching the students develop from the high schooler that left mom and dad’s home into a functioning adult. I don’t mean that to sound crass or anything, but they spend maybe 16 hours a week in the classroom, they only sleep maybe eight hours a night, that leaves over 100 hours the rest of the week where their time, they need to have something to do with their time.”


Byrd said she was excited to start with a brand new program, and was thrilled by how modern and private the new Residence Life Halls are. She said they’ll work with students on everything from how to do laundry to study groups and social programs.

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