Streams Task Force Continuing Their Review Process

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 7:36 am

The task force created by Borough Mayor Mike Navarre to investigate the borough’s controversial anadromous streams ordinance is continuing with their monthly meeting process. We got an update from Task Force facilitator and Borough Chief of Staff, Paul Ostrander


Ostrander: “The task force has put in enormous amount of work, over the last five-months, they’ve spent probably 10-12 hours listening to different experts we’ve brought in to talk to the task force, talking about everything from how property values will be affected potentially, to how the very smallest streams, the first order streams, within the peninsula, what the role of those streams are in the life cycle of the salmon. The task force is very well educated now, after all the time they’ve spent. I think that education is critical because, it’s what’s going to allow them to put together really solid recommendations  to the administration and the assembly.”


The task force will discuss potential amendments to the ordinance in the coming months, and expect to have their presentation to the Assembly in March.

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One Comment to “Streams Task Force Continuing Their Review Process”

  • Ed says:

    Paul ,did you invite the USFS to explain the stream work they did at Tern Lake and Dave’s creek? They actually put tree stumps and cut the banks along that stream and it was approved and haled by their experts as the thing to do! Please stop spreading only one side of your agenda. If you want peoples land rights “then only with just compensation and the operation of law”…..due process!!!!