Still No Agreement in Negotiations Between District and Unions

The negotiating teams with the local School District and teachers and support staff met yesterday after receiving the arbitration ruling in December. We got an update from LaDawn Druce, President of the Kenai Peninsula Education Association following yesterday’s collective bargaining session….


Druce: “Started out fairly positive, they began by working off the arbitrators report, saying something to the effect that we’re honoring pretty much, everything the arbitrator had awarded in her report and we felt pretty good about that initially until we got the written proposal, and basically they wanted to completely restructure our healthcare committee, and this is something that had not come up in previous proposals, had not come up in mediation or arbitration”


Druce said that this would have a major impact on local teachers


Druce: “The whole restructuring of the committee, the way they would like to see it, basically would take away any voting, any power away frothe employees in terms of the employees healthcare, and of course the employees, support and certified employees, make up by far the majority of people who are using our healthcare.”


Druce said that the district and unions have yet so set a time for another bargaining session.

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