Sterling Street and King Fisher Court Upgrades on the Agenda for Soldotna Council

The Soldotna City Council will hold a public hearing tonight to discuss the creation of a Special Assessment District for Sterling Street and King Fisher Court.

We  spoke to Soldotna City Planner Stephanie Queen about the work that is being proposed…


Queen: “Well the city if proposing, that the Special Assessment District be pacing, curb and gutter, and a side walk. Additionally, the city is planning some work on that street this summer, that will be funded though a separate grant and not assessed the residents  and that will include some water and sewer upgrades, so they’re going to see some construction on that street this summer regardless, and if folks and the council agree to approve the Special Assessment District, they’ll also see some paving.”


Tonight’s meeting of the Soldotna City Council will begin at 6:00pm at the Soldotna Council Chambers on Birch St.

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