Sterling Pilot On the Road to Recovery

Mark Krueger can’t remember much of February 28th, but as his Piper Super Cub went down that afternoon in Sterling, life changed for him, his wife Jayme and their three daughters.


Family friend Sarah DesOrmeaux…


DesOrmeaux: “His injuries, they were pretty severe. His head hit the windshield, they’re exactly sure where it hit, but he ended up having to have extensive plastic surgery done on his face, and then when he noticed how he was crashing he was able to direct the plan a couple different ways with his foot with the rudder, but by doing that he actually almost severed his ankle. The only thing that was holding his ankle on was skin. So, he had to go through a multiple-hour surgery, trying to repair his right foot.”


Krueger was airlifted twice immediately following the accident, and after initial emergency surgery, spent several weeks recovering in hospital in Anchorage. DesOrmeaux said the silver lining was…


DesOrmeaux: “God couldn’t have orchestrated that in a better way. The people that he ended up crashing in their yard were paramedics and emergency room nurses, so he was able to get medical care right then and there.”


DesOrmeaux said both Mark and Jayme haven’t been able to work since the accident, and they’re unsure how Mark’s ankle will heal. The community has been rallying around them, cooking meals and helping out in practical ways, but they’re organizing a fundraiser to help with medical bills. To learn more, visit our ‘What’s Happening‘ page.

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