STEP Program In Place For Alaskan’s

The State Training and Employment Program is a put together by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Division of Business Partnerships which is funded by money set aside from the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund.


The purpose of STEP is to enhance the quality and make Alaska job training and employment assistance easily available to employers, employees, and future workers.


We spoke to Mike Shiffer with STEP about what they’re looking for right now.


Shiffer: “The State Training Employment Program, this is actually our second round of grants this year and we’re really trying to target some under represented industries that we’re interested in seeing more opportunity for training being cultivated and in particular we’re looking at tourism and we’re looking at oil, gas and mining, we’re looking at fisheries, seafood, maritime kind of industries.”


Shiffer further outlined what individuals this program typical works well for.


Shiffer: “This is the state’s investment in job training as opposed to say, Federal investment which has a little bit of a different structure, more emphasis on low income individuals. The state’s investment on training really says we’re interested in seeing folks who are working, advanced, so we’re looking for incumbent workers, people who have got jobs that are looking for ways to advance in different career fields or better opportunities in their current field.”


For more information visit the State Training and Employment Program website.

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