Statewide Flu Cases Double in December

Statewide, the number of flu cases has more than doubled from November’s 65 to 177 in December.


Locally, Central Peninsula Hospital saw 16 flu cases in the emergency room this week, but CPH’s Camille Sorenson said it’s not unusual…


Sorenson: “We wouldn’t really consider that a spike, it is December and the start of flu season, but it is quite a few cases for one week.”


To avoid the flu, Sorenson had some commonsense tips…


Sorenson: “We always encourage everyone to wash their hands, that is the best way to prevent infection or spread of disease of any kind. Also, use hand sanitizer if they’re not able to wash their hands. And if they are sick and blow their nose, use kleenex, that sort of thing, make sure they throw them away, and get their flu shot if possible.”


There are still flu vaccines available at public health centers in Alaska, for a complete list of centers, click here.

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