State Troopers Investigating Dead Bear Cub Found Being Taken to Soldotna Dump

The Alaska State Troopers and wildlife troopers were notified yesterday of an unusual find in a load being taken to the Soldotna Landfill. We spoke to Beth Ipsen with the Alaska State Troopers…


Ipsen: “We got a report yesterday, that a dead bear, about one-year old Brown Bear cub had been found in the garbage. Actually, the garbage truck driver had, he assumes he picked it up at the Kasilof transfer site, but he didn’t notice it until he got to the Soldotna dump, when he noticed the dead bear cub in his trash. Now we don’t know the cause of death, we haven’t been able to examine the bear, so we don’t know if it was shot, we don’t know if it were hit on the road, we don’t if it were killed by another animal and just found in somebody’s yard. We just don’t have enough information to say, what killed this bear. “


Ipsen told us that there are a lot of circumstances that come into play with this case…


Ipsen: “If it was shot by a human there could be different things like failure to report, failure to salvage the bear, and hunting out of season. It could have been killed out of defense of life and property, as long as a person reports it within 15-days of the kill, and they’re ok with the defense of life and property but they still have to salvage it, meaning they have to skin it out, and turn over the hide, skull, and paws to fish and game. Or if it was killed by another animal, and found in someone’s yard, it still would be nice to know that happened, so we didn’t have to take the steps to investigate it as well.”


Ipsen told us that anyone with information is urged to contact the Alaska State Troopers in Soldotna at (907) 262-4573 or Crime Stoppers at 1 (800) 478-4258.

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