State Troopers, DOT Partner in ‘Proactive’ Ticketing

Proactive vehicle safety is the name of the game for the partnership between State Troopers and the Department of Transportation. Two DOT Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers work with Troopers and the Bureau of Highway Patrol to pick up violations before violations become an issue.


The detachment says that in the first week of July they conducted over 60 inspections, resulting in 124 Driver/Vehicle Violations, seven drivers placed out of service, ten vehicles taken out of service, 12 Uniform Traffic Citations and one Uniform Summons Complaint.


Officers view the numbers as a sign of success, as they “ensure the safety of the motoring public.” They say further CMV patrols are planned for the Peninsula in the future.


Megan Peters with the State Troopers said some of the inspections were random stops, which is permitted since the vehicles are commercial and not private. Some were flagged for noticeable violations, and others were picked up at mandatory check stations.

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