State To Pursue Buying Locally Grown

The State has formed a Food Resource Working Group to support local farmers and seafood harvesters.


The group will recommend changes to State policies and is comprised of representatives from eight state agencies. ¬†They’ll meet on Monday in Anchorage from 10am – noon, discussing strategies and taking public comment.


This is the latest in a strong of state initiatives to support local food production. Amy Pettit with the State Division of Agriculture has been going door to door and community to community, promoting Alaskan produce…


Pettit: “I always preach that folks should think about where their dollars go, and when you’re buying from your neighbor that dollar is re-circulating in your community. When you’re buying from a big box store, or even from the grocery store sometimes, if that product was grown outside of Alaska, outside of the United States, that dollar goes into your local grocery store but it doesn’t turn over as many times as if you buy from your neighbor.”


Anyone wishing to participate in Monday’s meeting by telephone may do so by calling 1-866-895-5510 CODE: 6140119.

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