State Sets Date for Flood Assistance: Dec 7

Individual assistance will soon be available for homes affected by recent flooding. The State has set the dates for the assistance hotline and centers to be opened for the Kenai Peninsula Borough, according to Jeremy Zidek with the Dept of Homeland Security and Emergency Management…


Zidek: “The hotline will be open for some time. It will begin Saturday, December 7th and run through the 8th from 9am-6pm. After that first weekend, it will run Monday through Friday 9am-6pm, so it will give people an opportunity that first weekend to apply online and telephonically.”


Zidek said the phone number for the hotline will be released closer to December 6th, so that residents aren’t frustrated by calling a phone line which isn’t yet operating.


The disaster assistance center will be open at 253 Wilson Lane in Soldotna from December 8-11, 9am-7pm. Zidek said residents should bring as much proof of ownership and evidence of the damage done as possible.


Zidek also explained that this assistance is only available to private property owners. Businesses and rental properties will not be covered, and while the State had been investigating low-interest rate loans for these properties, because of the type of damage incurred, those loans won’t be available.

Note that only damage related to the October 27-28 flooding will be covered, not previous damage relating to groundwater issues.

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