State Representatives Split Over Nikiski LNG Decision

Following yesterday’s announcement that Nikiski has been chosen as the lead site for the Alaska LNG Project terminus, State Senate and House representatives have expressed both support and disappointment.


Nikiski’s Speaker Mike Chenault was predictably pleased, saying that the “route makes sense – Nikiski and the western Kenai have a long history of supporting LNG exports.”


Chenault credited the “world-class companies” for “thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of possible terminuses,” and said he wasn’t surprised his district was the best option. He concluded,  “Let’s turn dirt.”


Senate President Charlie Huggins co-sponsored HB4 with Chenault, and called the decision “a major milestone for our state. He’s now “optimistic we’ll see gas moving off the North Slope for the benefit of all Alaskans.”


But closer to Valdez, where city administrators lobbied extensively to be chosen as the terminus site, Rep. Eric Feige of Chickaloon said he was disappointed and has made it clear during many committee hearings that he continues to support a gasline through the Richardson Highway corridor.


He said: “I now urge the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation to look at the Richardson Highway corridor as the number one priority for constructing a smaller pipeline off the big line and supplying lower-cost energy to the corridor.”


Valdez was ruled out, due to the complicated civil engineering work that would be needed in that area.

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