State Legislature Passes Suite of Pro-Gun Bills

The Alaska State Legislature, yesterday, passed a pair of bills sponsored by State House Speaker Mike Chenault of Niksiki. The State Senate Passed Hb69, legislation that exempts certain arms in this state from federal regulation and declares certain federal laws unconstitutional under the Constitution of the United States and makes it a felony level offence to enforce such laws in Alaska. Chenault has addressed the issue of this legislation potentially being unconstitutional…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “That will wait to be seen, some people are calling it unconstitutional, and it may be, but we have process that we go though in order to determine that, and we will work our way though that process and see what comes out at the end. I think that, you know, it’s possible it would be, but we want to make sure that we at least have that conversation.”



The legislature also passed HJR 12, aimed at encouraging gun manufactures to relocate to the State of Alaska. We asked the Nikiski Republican, what advantages such businesses would have in Alsaka…


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “A low corporate tax, there’s no state income tax, in all reality, property taxes here in Alaska are lower than they are in other areas of the U.S. We’ve got a population that enjoys the merchandise that you manufacture. While the costs may be higher to ship things in or out, you’re kind of in the middle of the world, so to speak, between here and Asia. Depending on what you set up and what you’re manufacturing, it might be an advantage to you to be in this area.”


Chenault has already reached out to one such business in Colorado, after the Colorado legislature recently passes stricture gun regulations.

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