State Legislature Adjourns; Oil Tax, Instate Gas, and Budgets Passed

Senate Pres. Huggins(R-Wasilla): “We got though, I think,  at about 11:25pm, and I’ve heard a lot of people commenting on how how it was organized  orderly, appeared to be coherent, more importantly, whether those are accurate or not, the results are fabulous.”


State Senate President Charlie Huggins of Wasilla following the adjournment of the State Senate.

We also heard from State House Speaker Mike Chenault of Nikiski following the graveling out of the State House of Representatives.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “I think that we had a good session this year, a lot of things were accomplished, we tried to control the growth of the operating budget, we also had a smaller capital budget, trying to make sure that as we spend Alaskan’s money, that we try to do it in a fashion that meets their needs but certainly tires to save for the future.  Some of the things that we did accomplish; and I’ll start one with one that’s on my list, Representative [Mike] Hawker’s (R-S. Anchorage) House Bill 4, which was the instate gas pipeline. I think that’s the best opportunity to provide gas to a majority of Alaskans in the near term, by 2019.”


Chenault said that HB4 does offer opportunity to the State of Alaska.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “That’s what Alaska needs is the opportunity, the corporations, and the companies, and the moms and pops in this state, will take an opportunity that they can make money at, and they’ll turn that into a thrive business. So with House Bill 4, that does give us the opportunity to move forward, lots of possible opportunities.”


The state legislature also passed Senate Bill 21, Governor Sean Parnell’s legislation to reform the state’s oil tax policy.

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