State House Passes Temporary Driver’s Licenses Bill

The State House yesterday passed legislation tying a non-citizen’s driver’s license to their visa or other legal presence document, fixing an apparent loophole in state law that allowed some to receive licenses past their legally authorized length of stay.


House Bill 1, was sponsored by Representative Bob Lynn of Anchorage…


Rep. Miller(R-Anchorage): “HB 1 simply ties the duration of driver’s license to the duration of a legal presence here. For example, today somebody can waltz into the DMV with a visa, which means visit, that expires in two-weeks and get a driver’s license for five-years. That doesn’t make any sense what so ever, so this bill fixes that little problem. Very happy to have it passed.”


HB 1 amends the current state law to only granting a driver’s license for the term stated on an applicant’s visa or other legal presence document.


HB 1 would also have DMV issue a one-year license to someone with an indefinite length of stay.

In all, 36 states and the District of Columbia issue driver’s licenses that are valid for no longer than the period of time that the driver is legally permitted to reside in the United States.

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