State House Passes Performance Review Legislation

The State House Monday unanimously passed a bill to ensure that public funds are being best spent by the State’s various departments and agencies.

House Bill 30, primarily sponsored by State House Speaker Mike Chenault, and Anchorage Representative Mia Costello, calls for each department to be reviewed once every ten years to make sure they are complying with their missions, core values, upholding their constitutional duty, and aren’t being duplicative.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “With House bill 30, I think it just gives us more tools in the tool box, to be able to look at, not only the size of government, but how do we control that spending especially during times of smaller revenues.”


Castillo said that legislation like this is long overdue..


Rep. Castillo(R-Anchorage): “I think that the legislature and the public is interested in knowing more about where we spend our state dollars, and it’s in our best interest to get as much information as we can.  House bill 30 does that, it’s a performance review, it’s a yearlong process, and I think we will be seeing better results out of our budgets from this legislation.”


HB 30 will now move to the State Senate.

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