State House Passes HB4

The State House last night, passed House Bill 4 on a vote of 30-9. HB4, as we’ve reported, is legislation sponsored by State House Speaker Mike Chenault and Representative Mike Hawker to advance a natural gas pipeline project though the Alaska Gasline Development Cooperation.


Speaker Chenault(R-Nikiski): “That allows Fauske and them to go out to an open season in 2014, and if everything works out right, they get the buyers and sellers to agree to these multiple billion dollar projects, then what we will see is, we can see gas by 2019, though Fairbanks all the way south to tidewater and south-central.”


Throughout the debate over HB4, Representative Hawker told us that there have been a number of misconceptions about this instate natural gas project…


Rep. Hawker(R-S. Anchorage): “What I’d say is I think the greatest  misconception is that’s being perpetrated, is that there’s any other project other there that’s moving forward. The only project on the deck today in the state of Alaska that’s made substantial, tangible progress is the instate natural gas pipeline, being proposed by the Alaska Gasline Development Corp. The other great misconception, are that somehow this project is a small pipeline, it’s a 36-inch pipeline. To quote the speaker, anywhere in the world that would be a huge pipeline, and somehow it’s being mischaracterized as a small pipeline.”


House Bill 4 now moves to the State Senate for further consideration.

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