State Health Department Outlines Kenai Raw Milk Related Bacterial Outbreak

The State Department of Health and Social Services has identified an apparent bacterial outbreak on the Kenai Peninsula related to the consumption of raw milk. We asked Dr. Brian Yablon with the State  Health Department, how wide spread the outbreak is…


Dr. Yablon: “There have been cases in more than one place in the Kenai Peninsula, and typically, when there’s specific patient data, we don’t go into town details. Given that I’m not an expert in how raw milk is distributed on the Kenai Peninsula, I think it’s safe to say that if you’re obtaining raw milk  on the Kenai Peninsula, you should defiantly be aware of this outbreak, and be very cautious. You don’t have to drink that raw milk, you could certainly boil the milk, but pasteurized milk is a safer alternative, in the scene that pasteurization kills the bacteria that can contaminate milk. That’s why you can sell pasteurized milk in the stores, but you can’t sell raw milk.”

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