State Education Board Ties Student Performance to Teacher Evaluation.

Posted: December 10, 2012 at 7:02 am

Student achievement will be a factor in teacher evaluations, under new regulations passed last week by the State Board of Education.

Following its two-day meeting in Anchorage Friday, the State Board added “Student Learning Data” to evaluations beginning in the 2015 school year.


At first, student achievement, based on at least one standardized test will be weighted as one-fifth of the total evaluation. As the new rules are phased in, it will be one-half of a teacher’s evaluation by 2018.


Dr. Steve Atwater, Superintendent of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, shared his hesitation over the new evaluation method…


Dr. Atwater: “It’s just that it’s difficult to have three days in April to determine whether or not a teacher’s being effective. We’d prefer to have a series of smaller assessments throughout the year and use those instead.”



The National Education Association – Alaska, the state’s largest teacher’s union is disappointed by the change; NEA-Alaska President Ron Fuhrer said the board disregarded public comments, as many teachers raised concerns that basing evaluations on student test scores would ignore other factors outside the classroom that affect student learning.


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One Comment to “State Education Board Ties Student Performance to Teacher Evaluation.”

  • Tony Jackson says:

    Student learning should be tied to the student and family, not teachers. There is so much apathy among so many middle and high school student that to tie their learning directly to teachers is going to be a poor reflection of the teacher’s effectiveness and overall ability. The benchmark that should be looked at for teacher evaluations is that of individual student growth, not the use of a grade-level standardized test.