State DOT Reminds Public to Drive Cautious

Summertime means lots of maintenance crews on roads and changing traffic patterns. State Department of Transportation Chief of Maintenance Randy Vanderwood reminded drivers…


Vanderwood: “Drive careful, be cautious of our road crews and the staff that are out there. The one thing that I like to point home to a lot of people because they just see workers on the road, these people have families and I’d like them go home to their families every day, so try to humanize those people that are out there and having traffic flying by at even 35 to 50 miles per hour three or four feet away is a dangerous situation. So give them as much room as you can.”


Vanderwood said that painting crews, guardrail crews and sweepers are all out so drivers should be cautious of changing traffic patterns.


Weight restrictions for the Central Region which encompasses Homer on the Sterling Highway and Seward on the Seward Highway to Mile 118 on the Glenn Highway and Mile 163 on the Parks Highway will be at 50% as of 8:oo am Tuesday May 20.


Those who need to find out the various weight restrictions on roads can go to the DOT’s website.

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