State DOT Discusses New Bridge Report

An engineering group says 11 percent of Alaska’s bridges are considered structurally deficient.

The American Society of Civil Engineers also says 12.5 percent are considered functionally obsolete.

The report found that those bridges might be in good shape but don’t meet contemporary engineering standards.


Patrick Natale is executive director of the organization. He says Alaska gets a C-plus on his group’s infrastructure report card.


Jeremy Woodrow with the State DOT…


Woodrow: “It’s a fair rating, we defiantly have bridges on our list in Alaska that need to be replaced or rehabbed. Matter of fact, our 2012 report, identifies 31-bridges across the state that are scheduled for ether rehabilitation or replacement in the next four-years, so we are starting to dedicate money identifying the process of working on those bridges. Now that doesn’t mean that the bridges are unsafe across the state, it just means we need to get ahead of the ball to make sure they get replaced before the time the need to be closed.”


He says the department inspects each bridge in Alaska every two years to determine which need the most attention. Those bridges are judged on a scale of zero to nine, with anything below a seven getting attention or shut down

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