State Denies Portions of CPH $43m Expansion

The State has denied portions of Central Peninsula Hospital’s proposed $43 million expansion, saying the hospital didn’t prove that the components were needed by the population.


Last October the expansion was approved by the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, during a heated meeting and complaints from residents that the expansion wasn’t put to a public vote.


CEO Rick Davis outlined the plans…


Davis: “A three story specialty clinics medical office building. The top floor will be the continuation of our cancer center project that we’ve been working on… The second floor has two endoscopy suites, as well as room for some physician clinic offices, about four to five physician offices, and the first floor is going to have some additional imaging capability.”


Davis said there would also be a spine clinic on the first floor and physical therapy to support the spine clinic.


The State approved all except the medical imaging and endoscopy components. The decision was released on November 12, with a one month comment period.


Due to the changes in project scope, the hospital was required to submit a revised budget. The new budget was submitted last week. If approved by the end of the year, officials say there will be no disruption to the timeline for selling revenue bonds.


You can find a link to all the documents from the State’s decision by clicking here.

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