State Chooses Vendor To Buy Alaska Emergency Food Products

The State of Alaska is making emergency preparations, to make sure we have basic provisions if a natural disaster ever cuts the state off from outside help.


Tuesday, the state announced an intent to award VF Grace as the vendor to purchase emergency food products that would be used in the event of an emergency.


The Anchorage based, veteran-owned VF Grace’s proposal stated that the freeze-dried foods that would be used to provide 40,000 Alaskans with emergency meals for about a week would cost $1.24 million.


Currently the state plans to store half of the food in Southcentral Alaska and half in the Fairbanks North Star Borough however the emergency food orders will not be placed until specific storage facilities have been appointed.


While the State takes care of the big picture, local emergency responders said families should make sure they have their own basic supply. Brad Nelson with CES…


Nelson: “Having preparedness kits available at all times is a good idea. Having a couple days worth of water, couple days worth of clothing, medication, food, that kind of stuff. Having all of those things ready to go at a moment’s notice is something is part of living in Alaska.”


For a simple checklist of essential items, click here.

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