Standardized School Testing Ends Today

Local students and teachers will be breathing more easily tonight, since the intensive Standards Based Assessment (SBA) testing wrapped up today. Pegge Erkeneff with KPBSD…


Erkeneff: “Today finishes our SBA testing that was taking place Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for all our 3rd to 10th grade students, and those assessments are testing students’ proficiency in reading, writing, math, and science, so hopefully all those students will be giving a big cheer today when they get done and we are asking them to get a good night’s sleep this week, eat a good breakfast, and be on time to school. It can be a stressful week for our students and as well for all our staff; we send a thank you out, because they’ve put in some extra time.”


District representatives have previously said that while the testing this year has pushed students and teachers alike, future changes to curriculum and standards will bring even more rigorous testing. Ernekeff said the specifics are still being determined…


Erkeneff: “It looks like there’ll be many changes, and much of those are yet to be determined as we start looking at different standards and different testing.”

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