Spur Meeting Tonight, Kenai Overlooked

Posted: November 18, 2013 at 6:11 am

The DOT is holding a public meeting tonight to gather input on $20 million worth of improvements to the Kenai Spur Hwy. The DOT has been working with the Kenai Peninsula borough and the meeting will be held from 4-7pm at the Assembly Chambers in Soldotna.


However, this follows several meetings already held by the Kenai City Council. Kenai City Manager Rick Koch said the City of Kenai was instrumental in gaining the original funding for the project, and hopes to remain closely involved in the project…


Koch: “The city wants to stay closely in contact with the DOT and help develop this go forward, for a few reasons. Couple of those are: the City’s responsible for providing emergency response services along the majority of that roadway as it lies within the City of Kenai. We also maintain and operate adjoining roadways along that alignment, so the City has a fairly significant role to play in getting information to the Department of Transportation that hopefully will get incorporated into a final design.”


More information on the project may be found at: http://dot.alaska.gov/creg/kenaispur.

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  • Me says:

    How about lighting the entire area – so we can see the dang moose a little earlier? Maybe that will cut down the number of moose collisions.