Spruce Bark Beetle a ‘Bad Neighbor’

According to local resident Diane McRae, the Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Spruce Bark Beetle Program has proven to be a problem neighbor…


McRae: “I didn’t appreciate a bulldozer being brought on my property. That was a problem. It cost me some timber. I tried contacting Spruce Bark Beetle Kill and got nowhere for quite some time. Now, my understanding is moose hunting does not occur in January, but someone got a moose in January on Spruce Bark Beetle Kill. This site was not supervised.” 


McRae said the program put in three driveways, plugging up the area with debris, and no funding has been spent on cleaning the area up and had also led to snowmachiners trespassing on her land and taking trees.


The Mayor said he would look into the specifics again, after previous information had led him to believe McRae’s property wasn’t included in the affected area.

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